Music Department

Elder Mcnair

Elder Michael Mcnair Music

This department consists of all choirs, musicians, directors, and praise teams. Those involved shall be prepared to minister musically at all worship services. The Jurisdictional choir ministers as needed, as directed by the Bishop. Praise teams minister for jurisdictional services as requested.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere for the Spirit of God to have free course. We understand however, that as the choir ministers, it literally takes territory in the spirit, engaging in spiritual warfare. (Psalms 149, Ephesians 6:12)

Specifically, the choir should:

  1. Be spiritually in tune with the “vision” and teachings of the Church of God In Christ.
  2. Each member should be a committed Christian and financial supporter of the jurisdiction.
  3. Each member should support faithfully by attending every rehearsal and being at as many services as possible.